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Lavender Scenes presents to you,

the finest Lavender Essential Oil

derived from Lavendula angustifolia

plants Earthed in England. (15ml)

Lavender Scenes - English Lavender Oil - (5ml)

SKU: 0004
  • England has had a long and sadly to the greater part forgotten history with Lavender.  Hence at Lavender Scenes we are proud to present a fine, rich and fragrantly sweet noted English Lavender Essential Oil.

    A few droplets in one's bath can be a spolied but deservedly pleasurable and rightfully indulgent soothe and relax.  A few droplets on the back of one's pilow can lead to a clear headed and relaxing sleep, the perfect counter to long stressful days. Take it further and vapourise this wonderful oil of Lavender further and aromatise one's environment with its fragrant and sweet notes, all from Mother Nature, for YOU.


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